Yard Bones

by Lucy

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released August 27, 2014

Recorded, mastered and drums by Jarod James Emison. Mixed by Will Allard. Everything else by Michael Gerstein.



all rights reserved


Lucy East Lansing, Michigan

Lucy is a Lansing-based band that tries to convey the sense of biting into a juicy steak with every song.

Booking: lucymusicforyou@gmail.com


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Track Name: The Swallow and the Sword
I coughed up blood the first time
I saw how bright you laughed
You asked me to try the water
but I just dived too deep

You told me to take a step back
said you'd felt it all the same before

and you don't want any more
you told me
I should have known
you told me
I should have known

you wanted
the sand

to kiss your toes but your eyes stayed closed
from the sea and the moon behind
see if I can find
how not to need.

Love poems have a way
of never letting go
visions and vibrancy
sing those hopes silly

like action was a state of maybe
maybe I just might be crazy

but I could have sworn
the swallow and the sword
but I could have a sword
if I swallow what I'd sworn.
Track Name: Sunny Boy
Light me up baby like the rain
like an old cigarette stain
when it happens as the sun when it dampens

but the melody remains.
And the tan-lines on your face
and the wet that's on your cheek
oh you know I'd slip asleep
and wake up sunny if I could.

I want to smoke a lonely cigarette
through the crack that's in your window
and the looping in my thoughts
and the hole, the hole in the mirror

Because it tends to pour
when I'm up drinking thinking like a cloud
collecting too much wet
but I can hear music
even in a silent room
and I don't have to strain all that much.

I want to slip asleep and wake up sunny
but I don't think I could sleep even if I wanted to
I've gotten so used to blue
from the way my blankets used to wrap around you
twin-bed alone again
and cycling memories like a scrapbook
tossing in the reef.

Oh you know I'd slip asleep
and wake up sunny boy.
Sunny Boy.
Track Name: Spilled Water
please take it easy on me
I talk to myself more than anyone else I know
and I'm only so hard on
because so I'm hard on myself
where the hell did all my teeth go
I tried to swallow everything I know

now even this song is silent
and even food feels hungry to me
this water just tastes thirsty
they've written
the same damn thing
maybe someone else will bring
something else to talk about
when we finally get it
all out

I'm watching it pour cupped hands
it's spilling out on the floor
and I'm grasping, grasping dumb
mouth wide open and numb
but please take it easy on me
where the hell did my teeth go
because I'm new to this
when I tried to swallow everything I know

and all that sensitive bullshit
doesn't make me feel much better
not knowing and knowing that
it's looking like someday lately
a friend said it's not the dreams
I'll miss that yellow room
and making you spit
reptile laughs on a rock in the sun.
Track Name: Bank Beach
You can hear the ocean roar
even in dull summer bank lines
don't you know

put your ear
to the teller
and tell her you hear

the sea

paperclip machine squeal stapler clap noise
peek from diffuse
keyboard purposeless-ness close your eyes
feel the sand on your toes

little bank brine kisses
it's so easy to miss this.
Track Name: Like Veins, Like Lightning
We kissed them like home.
We kissed them like anger burns
tape worm hungry.
Gnawing glow puke green deflates
like spray-fire doubts
made good lunch

How much life lives hoisting
shoulds like flags
plopped foreign-packed unearthed
far off soldiers fighting in dirt
and they only ever hugged us out mirth

But didn't you know
mountains are always dry
But didn't you know
they were just lungless foothills

Maybe they thought if they could shake
the fruit from a good tree
they wouldn't be barren too

Maybe they thought
that summer fruit was all to frightening.
And you thought all those dead trees
looked pretty
like veins or lightning
Well I guess they do if I crook sideways

But then the wind blew
and you were cold.
But then the wind blew
and you were cold.